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Your welcome Grizz, some people in fishing get all secretive? The thing with fishing is in a lot of cases you have to be "right" with a variety of variables, pattern, depth, presentation and so on. Sometime it's easy sometimes not, but I don't have a problem giving advice especially someone new to the game, it can be overwhelming at first, years ago i used to say flyfishing was the most tangley sport in the world. I learned how to flyfish in the park before learning about tailwaters. The greatest thing for me about our wonderful sport is that you learn something every time you go out, and if you don't you probably aren't paying enough attention. That's why I love it, If you really want to find success with this there is no room for the troubles of the day when your out there worriying about, flies, wind, casting angles, was that a riser over there?, what kinga bug is that flying around? Can I make the perfect cast?................Good Luck!
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