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Originally Posted by stiknstring View Post
There are a lot of misconceptions of bamboo fly rods. People are often surprised at what they learn about bamboo once they get into it. Most of what they think they knew ends up being wrong.

I agree with you all the way - listening to the uninitiated discuss bamboo rods is a lot like listening to a bunch of twelve-year-old boys discussing women. They're long on theory and very short on experience.

BUT having said that - there's enough competition for bamboo rods as it is. Maybe we should let them keep their fallacious opinions. That'll leave more classic bamboo rods for the rest of us.

Question: Where did this habit of referring to "boo" rods come from? I mean, you never hear anyone talking about "phite" rods do you? Old fashioned? You bet! That's probably why I love bamboo rods.
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