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1)bamboo is too expensive(the orvis helois is 700 plus dollarsthat is pretty expensive grahite))
Really depends on what you buy, yep a Winston boo is $2700 ( but you keep it a few years and get most of your money back. Keep the Helios for a couple of years and it has been replaced with new technology and you are lucky to get half of it back)

2)they are not much in windy conditions,the fast action graphites are much better when weather is a problem( I agree)
Really depends on the taper and configuration, try a quad in an 8' 5 wt for extra power and sensativity.

3)they are heavy compared to the newer grapites(true,but an ounce or two does not bother me)
Yep they are heavier, but they don't break as easily as the thin walled graphites do.

4)bamboo is structurally weak compared to graphite,bamboo is easily stressed to the point of splitting every time you get a larger fish on the line(sorry ,I did not buy any of that--a bamboo rod's strength lies in the in the strands of the plant itself,when bamboo is condoned by a rod builder as acceptable for rod building,then the rodbuilder places his reputation on that rod to perform as well as any other rod in it's class.
Hmm... have no idea where that came from but bamboo is considerably stronger and more durable than graphites or plastics. There are significan't numbers of old bamboo rods out there that are 50 or more years old that are still bringing fish to hand.

5)their parabolic action hinders casting because their rod tip is not stable,it flutters at the end of a cast,making the cast lose energy (I do not know what Greg was talking about---maybe you can help)
some rods do have a parabolic action, some don't. that is determined by the taper the rodmaker built the rod to. Ask him if he ever cast an Edwards Quad? A Dickerson 8014?

6)You can buy yourself a top graphite rod immediately---no waiting 6 months(that is right----but--the wait is half the fun of it)
Yep, you sure can and it will be just exactly like all of the other rods of that manufacturer and that model. You wait 6 months (or more) for a piece of grass, usually built to your specs, personalized, and it has the character and history of nearly 150 years of rodmaking built into it. and from what is going on in the graphite flyrod industry right now, they are moving with the technology, and the new stuff of today will be obsolete in another year or so. Just a guess, but at the rate prices are increasing on the new technology, they will be at a thousand in another couple of years.

But the bottom line is, are YOU happy with it, if you are that is all that matters. I have boo and I have tupperware and few old pieces of glass laying around. When I fish with the guys or with the kids, I take what makes me happy and makes me feel good that day.

(Hey Grumpy, I bet we can find that 290!!)
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