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1. You can find a lot of makers that will build a rod for less than $700.
2. Wind isn't an issue if the taper is right for it.
3. Yes they are heavier. Can't do anything about that but quit complaining and work out.
4. Bamboo being weaker than graphite is about the most rediculous thing I have ever heard.
5. Parabolic actions are based on the tapers. If you don't want a parabolic action, don't have a rod built with a parabolic taper.
6. There are many places where you can pick up a bamboo rod with no wait. It won't be built to order but there are a lot of builders that do consignment with fly shops and are on the racks.

I don't push graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo on anyone because everybody can make there own choice of what they prefer and what they think is best suited for there needs. To each his own. Just wanted to clarify that I am not the Greg making the statements about the superiority of graphite.

I like cane.

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