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The nice think about bamboo rods is that every one has their own ideas. Both your statements on Grangers and Heddons are wrong. The higher grade Grangers had the strips for each rod taken from the same culm of bamboo.The lower grades used strips that were randomly taken. The amount of guides did increase on the higher models but the reel seats were the same. As for Heddons you must know that the model #20 and up were not the same as the lower grades. The cane was hand selected and each section was gone over by the man responsible for that rod.Again as I am sure you are aware the # 20 and up were made in the "hand made department" So there is a big difference in how both higher grade Grangers and Heddons are made other than the number of guides. I am not sure how many rods you have refinished or restored but if you must know that you cannot put an over coat of varnish on a Heddon.Any bamboo rod should and will cast a number of different line sizes. What a person uses more often is how they cast not how the rod casts. Come to Townsend on Sat of the of the Trout fest/bamboo blast and we can discuss it in much greater detail if you wish. Oh I was also wondering how many rods you have made not assembled?

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