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Originally Posted by Tentwing View Post
Artic Grayling;

I may be wrong. I have not read extensively on Southbends, and while i have no expirience with the #323 I do own a #346, 359, #77 and a #290. My #290 is a 5 weight medium action and has a crisper action than my other three. The #77 is 7 weight while the #346 is a 5/6 and the #359 is a 6/7 weight and they are what I consider a medium slow for cane.

All of my expirience comes from singlebuilt rods. Oh and BTW If you see a Doublebuilt rod out there that wont break the bank call me So far I have loved everything Wes Jordan ever worked on.

Good thread goin here,....Tentwing
I have to rely on reading since there aren't a whole lot of bamboo rods being used in the frozen wasteland! We are lucky in that we do have a local rod builder in Carlin.

What really matters in these rods is what works for you. I think you just have to try different lines on vintage bamboo and fiberglass rods until you find one that you like. And that can vary across two or three line weights. I think that my 346 is marked for a HDH or DT6 line. To me that means that a WF7 line should also work for me.

I do watch those double built rods. I just haven't been the high bidder on one yet! I've bid on a few 290s too without winning one. Now I have a W&M Victory 7030 so I probably won't chase them any more.
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