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Originally Posted by Tentwing View Post

For instance As I'm sure you know all Grangers were basically the same taper they only differed in ferrule size and components when determining the difference in their highest end rod (The Registered) and their dimestore models (the Lake and Stream)

For the sake of accuracy, the Stream & Lake was not a Granger, but a pure Wright & McGill and was never marked as a Granger rod. (It was the same as the Champion except that it had no tipping wraps and used nylon instead of silk. These two minor variations were out of spec for the Granger designation per the agreement between W&M and Mrs. May Granger Stocks.) And, just as an FYI, no Granger rods were ever sold in a dime store or anything approaching that level of marketing.

Regarding the tapers,Tentwing, you are right - the tapers were the same. Granger referred to each taper as a "model". Thus an eight foot rod was called model 8040, meaning 8.0 feet, 4.0 ounces (without reelseat). An 8.5 foot 4.5 ounce rod was called the model 8642, there were several nine footers with the most popular being the 9050.

The names such as "Special, Aristocrat, Favorite, DeLuxe" etc were referred to as "Grades" by Granger. Except for the ultra-rare Registered rods, and the bottom of the line Champion, every Granger rod used the same reel seat and ferrules. The blanks were each inspected for node placement, cane beauty and overall quality. The better grade rods got the best cane, more guides and fancier wrap patterns. (Yes, the Premier is an exception to the fancier wraps.) DeLuxe, Premier and Registered rods were made from a single culm specially selected for its high quality. (GG era only ).

To complete a Goodwin Granger rod's official designation, the rod would be referred to as "G" for Granger, "C, V, S, A, F, D, or P" for the grade name and finally the model number. That means that GS8642 = Granger Special 8.5', 4.5oz - and so on.

Although Heddon rods also hold a special place in my heart, I'd take ANY Granger over ANY Heddon every time.
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