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I had been fishing Swift Camp and decided one day to explore Parched Corn due to the rumors of Brookies I heard. I caught one Brookie approximately 5-6 inches on Parched Corn fishing down from the ridge dividing it from Chimmney Top's drainage. It took an Alexandra wet fly swung under a limestone ledge just above one of the first areas used for camping. I stopped at that point it was the weekend and there were people coming into the area and setting up camp going down stream. With the stream being so small, being somewhat calloused growing up with Brookies in Michigan and my interest has been directed on the other side of the divide, I just never felt an interest in pursuing downstream from that point.

This was approximately 10-12 years ago. It was 2 years after the 1st planting of the Brown Trout fingerlings in Chimmney Top, if that helps give you a date. Fisheries People and Bluegrass TU did the planting of those Browns.

I have heard RUMORS that the Parched Corn fish were placed there by s "Bucket Biologist" many years ago. The fish were supposed to have come from Michigan. I've heard this RUMOR several places going back to the 1970's when I moved from Michigan and did grad work at Morehead. I vaguely remember Dr. Les Meade saying something along that line in one of his Field Ichthyology classes I was in at Morehead. I think the name of the "bucket Biologist" was mentioned but it escapes me. The nature of the dialogue and students with local ties gave me some degree of creditability to that rumor.

I am a retired seconday Science/ Biology Teacher with several Ichythology and Limnology classes. I'm available if you want me to take you to that area and help out some.

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