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I did find this thread interesting because I spent a considerable amount of time last year pursuing this Kentucky Brook trout myth in at least two of the streams.

Last year I made multiple visits to Red River Gorge and bush whacked into the very tops of the headwaters of Dog Fork and Parched Corn Creek searching all the way to the tail waters. I will also add that bush whacking in Red River Gorge is like bush Whacking in the Smokies, Lots of Rhododendrons, large and small cliffs to climb down.

I dont claim to be the best fisherman in the area but I did spend a considerable amount of time on these two streams without any success.
What I found was the waters where very very small with few pockets of water that could even hold trout. I did find a lot of "mino's" in both creeks in ankle deep water. If there are still Brook trout or any other trout in these streams good luck because this fly fisherman worked at it pretty hard without any luck.

I have had the oportunity to volunteer to stock Brown Trout and Rainbows with the department of fish and wildlife in other streams within Red River Gorge but I would love to see anyone out there to report on any recent success at Dog Fork or Parched Corn Creek.
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