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Just to get things stirred up again, I just finished lawn casting a 5wt triangle taper on a Thomas and Thomas 9ft Spring Creek. It's an older T&T (All my rods are old rods) I had the line on an old Orvis DXR reel and forgot it was a triangle taper. It casted great. Made long casts easier and I had no trouble with arial mends or curve casts. The last time I fished it was on a T&T Beaverkill cane rod on the Henry's Fork, and it did fine there. The line was not the problem, but the reel. I lost a couple of good fish when the drag was set too light and the spool turned so fast it caused bird's nests and the trout busted off the leader. Apparently when I bought a new reel, I just kept the line on the DXR. I'm thinking about putting that triangle taper on a reel I fish. Just one more opinion to confuse the issue.
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