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Default Next fly line purchase?

I've been fishing the Orvis Easy Mend line that I bought from Cumberland Transit, and it has been the best line I've ever cast. I love the steel braided loop, but it has started to tear where the steel loop starts.

I've put some super glue on it, should I use one of the heat shrink tubes for added strength and longer use? Or should I just cut it off and use the SA Reconnect leader? I could spool this fly line that is tearing onto my backup Martin reel, since it is still a good line, and put my new line on my Orvis reel.

But my next fly line purchase is not far off. I really need a fly line that has the braided loop at the end, it makes life so much easier on me. Price really makes no difference to me, I have no problem paying $60+ again if it gets me the kind of performance I've been seeing from the Orvis.
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