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Originally Posted by ttas67 View Post
Having the loop already built into the line is relatively new. The mono loop works well, and as long as it's properly tied, you'll snap your tippet or your rod before it fails you.
Well that's great $60 fly line or $150 rod

But I'd like to see an example of the mono loop, it seems like it would be large and awkward to fish.

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post

Go to & look for a nail knot & Perfection loop, that's the two knot's being spoken of here.
Or, bring it by & we'll rig ya, so you can blame someone else This setup ought to be changed a few times a year if fished heavily, for peace of mind if nothing else.
I don't think the welded loops will be as strong as we would like them to be from the factory, it's a weak point when you think about it, that's why the Amnesia or mono should be changed regularly.

Thanks for the reference. I'll be sure to check that out. I thought it was strange that the line is already wearing when I bought it in October. I know a lot of it is from me trying to teach family and friends how to cast, and it accidentally lands on the driveway.

But I may have some extra money soon, what rod would you recommend over my TFO Pro? Preferably sub-$500, ~$300ish would be great.
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