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Jefnless 1 has you on the right track. In picking a rod I think you should first consider where you will be fishing. In the mountains, I would go with a shorter rod in a 4 weight. Bigger streams I would go with an 8 ft 5 weight. ( I do not like rods over 81/2 ft, but that is just me. Accuracy over distance every time, and there is a difference in how accurate a rod casts. If it had to do it all, I would go with the 8ft 5 weight. I've got an older Thomas and Thomas 8 ft 5 weight that has fished all over Tennesse and out west. I may fish other rods, but it is always in the rod case where ever I go. You may also wish to consider which type of line you like. A weight forward line may feel totally different than a double taper on the same rod.
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