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Originally Posted by Wilson10 View Post
I finally got to try out my thingamabobbers last weekend. They floated great even with split shot. It did slide on me just slightly from time to time, but nothing major.

Overall I'm very pleased. I do have the smaller versions 1/2 inch I believe

The thingamabobbers slipped on me pretty badly. I met ChemEAngler at Troutfest and we were discussing these indicators. He said he gets small o-rings from the hardware store and cuts them, threads them through the hole and re-glues them with superglue. The rubber ring (o-ring) doesn't slip like the metal grommet through the thingamabobber. I've not tried it yet but it sounds like it'd work.

I had more knots when using thingamabobbers but it could just be my crappy casting.

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