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Originally Posted by kytroutman View Post
waterwolf, perception is everything. A small native brown or rainbow in Clear Creek is still much larger than you see in the Smokies. I would love to have access to the areas of the Yellowstone River around Laurel and Joliet areas (not exactly but you know the areas) that are on private properties that have no public access due to the trophy potentials.

The whole Yellowstone thing got old after the first trip. Too many tourists () for my tastes. It was worth one trip, no question.

I just found much better fishing in other parts of the west, there are some parts of MT that were excellent, but they are well off the beaten path.

The fishing in OR, ID, and UT are ten times better then MT and there is literally no one around.

Small streams are fine, but dinking around with cutthroats just didn't fire me up much and after a couple of hours was quite boring. But to each their own, and you know what they say about opinions.
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