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I donít do any guiding, but Iím always happy to share tips..

Get a full sink fly line, I recommend the SA Striper TYPE IV. These lines shoot like crazy; I rarely false cast more than twice. Casting them takes some practice if all you have ever cast are floating lines, especially with a 1/0 streamer and lead eyes.

Put every yard of backing that you can get on your reel. The full sink lines are smaller diameter than the same weight floater, so you can get quite a bit more on the spool. The initial runs can be mind boggling, and getting the fish on the reel can be tricky. Last summer on one of Flatís 20 pounder, the fish took off and a huge tangle caught on the first guide, and I thought the fish was gone for sure. He reached up and yanked one loop and the whole mess untangled immediately, which was one of the most amazing things I have seen.

If you are drifting in current, let your boat float at the same speed as the current. The result is getting the fly much deeper, And if you hook a good one, try to stay close to it with the boat, chase it as needed, minimizing the amount of line in the water. Two much line iin the water can put a lot of resistance on the tippet, especially the fish makes a sharp turn. There are rock humps below the dam and I have seen line get wrapped around them numerous times

Donít give up too quickly. Blind casting a 9wt for several hours may not be the most appealing fly fishing technique, but as the picture shows, some nice rewards are possible. You have to be dedicated to chase and catch stripers with a fly rod (or crazy). When we first started flyfishing for them in the late 80ís, a lot of people would ask us what we were fishing for. When we would say stripers, they would laugh or just look at us like we were idiots. Flies should be any streamer that imitates a threadfin shad, tie some sparse for when the generators are off, and some fuller for higher flows. Vary your retrieve speed and depth, and be ready for some excitement.
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