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Default additional thoughts

Seagull, the professional safety person, forgot to mention a few obvious things about these dams. Be VERY careful around them, especially up by the dam if the water is off and they are gettng even close to generating. Wear your life jacket and be observant if the yellow light comes on by the locks. It will be the most rear end puckering event of your life if you happen to be close to where the water empties from the lock into the dam area. It's like the reverse end of a giant toilet emptying!! I still have cold chills when I think about that day about 10 years ago.

Thank goodness you didn't tell them about the few traditional cheese puffs thrown into the water for good luck!

PS.....bring a BIG net!
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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