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Oh, one other thing, when you test cast a rod, don't worry so much about which one lets you cast the farthest. A lot of guys get seduced by the long range casting the faster rods can sometimes allow. The trick isn't so much how far you can cast but how accruately you can cast and even more importantly, how accurately you can cast over a wide range of distances. I usually pick a target about 15 or so feet out and then progressively go out to about 60 feet or so and see how close I can come to the target across a range of distances.

That is what sold me on the BIIt. I hit everything I aimed at. After a couple seasons fishing the rod, I'm still impressed with how well it works close in and when I need to launch one out there, I still can with reasonable accuracy.

If this is old hat info for you, I apologize.

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