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Originally Posted by EarlOfSoDak View Post
I'm partial (very biased) to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I worked on these waters for four years and I love 'em. You've got reservoirs, tailwaters, spring creeks and freestone streams all within an hour of each other. Access is easy, but pressure is minimal. The hills are often overlooked by people on their way to more famous waters in Montana and Wyoming. Spearfish Canyon is a place that's unforgettable. Also, the Black Hills are very close to the Bighorn River, the North Platte and the Bighorn Mountains. Take a trip here and you'll be very pleased. There is plenty of lodging and plenty of tourist stuff to boot. There's a fly shop in Rapid City with good info (and the guy who owns it is named Hans.)

I have actually been to Rapid City area back in 1988. Stopped at Wall Drug of course. Didn't do any fishing, I was on my first trip to the states and was visiting with some family in Nebraska. We took a car trip to the Black Hills and Mt Rushmore etc. I loved it, if I could just find a lake with some grayling nearby I would consider it. Problem is, I don't think they have any grayling lakes in SD.
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