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I believe the quickest resolution and most likely the best; would be to communicate with the landowner in some way. I find it best to use a letter when things could become tense in a situation like this one.... I would explain this situation and your side. Also, explain to the man that you/we respect his ownership of the land and care very much about maintaining it. Also, offer his some tips or to take him fishing. Add in Trout Unlimited, TWRA, and Conservation Groups protect his land value by maintaining stream habitat programs - these are fed by fishing enthusiasts.

I think you did well by doing as he asked and mention that too in the letter. This shows you are respectful and willing to work with him. In turn; I would offer up help or consideration in cleaning and picking up any trash or debris while walking his shoreline.

If that does not work; remind them he only currently owns the rights to the land in a legal manner. No one in this World really owns any of it and we are only her for a short-time and why not share with others cordially when there is not obvious loss of enjoyment to the owner...

The third-step is to...well, I am trying to be a better person so I shall not post...
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