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I can't say that I have had a lot of different rods TLS 3 wt Mid, T3 5 wt tip and Helios 5wt mid. (Orvis bias ?! maybe). Also, have a Redington Wayfarer 9wt. Way back when, I had Cortland rod as well but I won't count that one. I know some don't care for Orvis rods but I think the TLS and Helios are both great products. I did not like the T3, though that may be more the fact it is a tip flex instead of mid which suits me better.

Out of my experiences, I can honestly say I love the Helios. I can't explain it well other than to say that it just feels right in my hand and it seems on the bigger waters I can really launch the line further so than that the other rods that I have had.

As mentioned above, the customer service is a great back up as well.

I don't think you'd be dissapointed. Also if anything ever really went wrong with it and it had to be replaced, they are no longer making them so they'd probably upgrade you to the Ion (though I don't think much of the Ion's reel seats).
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