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Default Don't count on it

Originally Posted by Hoosier View Post
I don't think you'd be dissapointed. Also if anything ever really went wrong with it and it had to be replaced, they are no longer making them so they'd probably upgrade you to the Ion (though I don't think much of the Ion's reel seats).
Unfortunately, I have a story for that. It will really depend on when you break it, and how bad it is. In 1992 I purchased an Orvis 8'6" 5wt Henry's Fork (Rocky Mountain Series) outfit for $350 (of which the rod was $250). That was a tremendous amount of money for me at the time, but it was a great rod. It came with a 25 year warranty. I loved it. It was my first real flyrod and I grew to love the way it casted.

Flash forward ten years to 2002. I crushed the rod (stupidity, more than anything else). I was crushed, as well. I sent the rod to Orvis and unfortunately there was nothing they could do with it. For their part they sent me a new rod. Unfortunately, in the ten years since I had purchased my Henry's Fork, they were no longer making the same rod, had gone to a flex rating system and in general raised their prices on all their models. They sent me a $250 rod that had a "similar" flex rating to the Henry's Fork. There really wasn't much else they could do. I hate the rod. Its not Orvis' fault, they held up their end of the bargain.

Moral: Orvis is constantly evolving their product lines (maybe more so than most other companies). If they need to replace your rod in the future it will be with the closest to the same price (at that time) as the original, not the next model up...

In other words, if you like it, buy it. Just don't plan on an exact replacement (or an upgrade) in the future.

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