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Originally Posted by Jswitow View Post
So are you Cathey's son or grandson? Something of a legend in these parts! Isn't Keppart buried in the graveyard outside of Deep Creek as well?

Both Cathey and Kephart are buried in the cemetery on School House Hill overlooking the town. The two graves are within casting distance of one another. Incidentally, Cathey grew up (and lived until creation of the Park) on Indian Creek, not on Deep Creek. As for offspring, if he had any they did not come from marriage. He never married. The epitaph on his grave is as fine a one as I've ever seen (written by a local Baptis minister and fishing friend, W. Harbert Brown. It reads: "Mark Cathey, beloved hunter and fisherman. Was himself caught by the Gospel hook just before the season closed for good." I've written extensively on him and researched his life in detail. My father knew him well and over the years I've interviewed lost of others who did as well. He was some kind of character. Only fished one pattern and probably was, by today's standards, only a so-so fisherman. He just enjoyed the advantage of incredibly productive waters which had been little pressured. He also was one of the first in the Smokies to use a dry fly. The pattern? A Grey Hackle Yellow. Jim Casada
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