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Originally Posted by Hugh Hartsell View Post
Are you sure that you have the right river in mind? The Holston River is near Rogersville and the town of Sneedville or the community of Kyles Ford is near the upper Clinch. Both are fishing pretty good but you may see a little muddy water with some of the rains that we have been having.
Hugh you are incorrect in part, the Clinch is only 14 miles from Rogersville. The Holston is right there like you said however. They are both close.

Flies for the upper Clinch, any streamers with rabbit strips (zonkers, zuddlers, etc) stay away from anything that is tied with none moving materials (clousers, decievers, etc etc). The fish in that river feed primarily on crayfish from my experiences and the water always carries a little color due to algae blooms in the late summer.

If you are going to float it, make sure whatever you float in is dang tough as it is unforgiving and rather mean.

I have fished it a lot and all over its reaches, so if you need any more information let me know.
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