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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
I floated downstream and fished around the upper islands. The wind picked up, constantly changing directions, made it tough to keep the canoe in position for drifting. I went back up to shoals later in the afternoon and waded around. caught a lot of fish but no bass over 15".

The only drift boat I saw was Rusty F that morning at the launch. Were you in a boat or the blue Mokai?

I didn't see Rusty, but was gone pretty early. I saw someone in a canoe fly-fishing, and thought it might have been you after I saw this thread. Guess not.

The wind was a nightmare.

On a side note the fish coloration varies greatly in bass depending on their mood and location in the river. Alot of fish which strike flies will be jet black due to excitement/aggression levels where as many others will be more bronze. The color change can happen almost instananeous and is really quite fascinating.
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