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This "issue" is one that I am very familiar with. Being involved in subdivision review and the development of the land from a governmental standpoint, I can see both sides of this issue. Within reason, a land owner can develop their property as they see fit as long as they follow a certain criteria regarding erosion and number of lots etc. The best thing to do would be for the Clinch River Chapter of T.U. to pressure the Anderson County/ City of Clinton Engineering/ Zoning officials to establish an STPA. (stream protection area), an area that is not open for development and usually is iput in place as an overlay zone in areas where development would interfere with the stream quality/ water quality.

Bottom line...a developer could give a rats rear less if you don't like to fish in front of a subdivision or not. Their business is developing property, bottom line. The only way to preserve and protect totally is to buy it yourself, or go through the local government to put things in place that regulate just how much they can do.
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