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I think the biggest problem is that people will not keep fish. Whether it be an elitist mentality or just the die hard opposition to keeping fish, hardly anyone keeps fish anymore. Obviously, when the park did their research and opened all closed Speck waters, they found that fishing pressure had little to do with population decline. Far less than natural selection. Personally, I could care less if the average size of fish ever went up. I can catch 5 inch rainbows until my am hurts and 4 and 5 inch Specks until it falls off. there are plenty of big fish left in the park, and everywhere else for that matter. I just caught a 19 1/2 inch brown out of probably the most heavily pressured area in Western NC a week or two ago. The same stream where there " are no fish left" since the delayed harvest opened up. I have heard it all. If and when the average size does increase how long before the rumors of that spread and everyone comes and keeps one for their wall? if you spend anytime fishing around this area you know that if you walk 2 miles or better you probably aren't going to see anyone and when you do odds are they don't have a clue in Hades what they are doing anyways. Just because you can read a fishing report doesn't mean you are going to catch fish. You still have to get your tail out of the car and walk it in somewhere even when you do read a report about a remote location. Not to mention know what you are doing when you get in there. I don't know how many people I have seen up Deep Creek in Chartreuse Swimming trunks a Neon Shirt, flip flops and a spinning rod. Stream disclosure is a personal issue and if you don't like it, then I understand. But for the majority of what I have seen on this board, People love to read a detailed report because it is going to be a while before they get back up or down to this area. This park is just as much theirs as it is mine or anyone elses, and by the many thanks that usually accompany a report you can see the appreciation of someone who can't run out the next day and go fishing. If it helps them plan a trip for one weekend next May, then who cares?
David, you are exactly right about small streams not handling the pressure. Your reports along with Pete and Craigs are ually detailed enough that there isn't a whole lot left to decipher anyway. If people can't get enough information out of one of these then they probably need to find a better way to spend their time than fishing.
Best of luck out there, and look for a report Monday. Finally getting a new camera to replace the one that was ruined a few months ago. Hence no pictures posted in a while, haha. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
Also if you ever get a chance to make it this way shoot me an email at
Michael Corbin
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