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Default Secrets to big stripers!


1. Sink lines.....big sinking sink lines

2. Buy a boat....make sure it runs consistently though. PS...If anyone here is a genius at trailer lights I would gladly trade a repair for a trip.

3. Strong shoulders. Both of Seagull's have been operated on, my right one feels like a compactor grinding away at cinder blocks.

4. Divorced, near divorced, or a mighty understanding woman that gives out lots of yard passes without hesitency.
4-a. Good life insurance policy for said woman.

5. Patience of Job. I don't know the fellow or what he actually did, but he is famous for it. Maybe he was a striper fisherman in the Old Testament?

6. Able to take really weird looks, and cat calls from the bank or REAL striper fishermen in boats without losing your cool and firing back at the locals. Some nights or mornings this only last a few minutes before they trip over their tongues watching us fight some monster.

7. Nerves of steel, or dumber than a rock, somehow knowing that you are fishing in a giant toilet bowl and that you might get flushed down river at a moments notice...or shall I say "subject to change without notice".. PS. There is a secret outlet downstream that flushes as well when a boat decides to come through the locks. Try not to be on that side of the outlet when that happens.

8. Being able to tie flies and knots that work...this might take about 10 years before you really think you have it down. So TTAS67, don't think we're going to give it away on a website for free . At MOST we will charge you a sandwich or maybe a cold beer. That is our tradition. The captain, brings the boat, the "sport" brings the sandwiches, and drinks. Can't break tradition, especially with striper fishing.

9. Luck, Luck and more luck!

10. Above all. Good friends to share passion for loving to cast some nights for nothing except for the sunset or some nights getting your arm ripped out of the socket!

I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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