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I think they were just plain ole largemouths. I didn't look at the tongue, just going by the size of the mouth and marking. The thing that throws me off about these LM is where they were caught. I usually catch LM in deeper water during late summer. These bass acted more like smallies. Hanging out in faster water below riffles and in the tailouts where the water picks up speed. Maybe its just an acclimation to type of habitat in the river, but none were caught in typical LM ambush spots..weedlines, logjams , rocky bluffs ,etc. The redbreast and bream were present and I caught well over 50 in of those in those areas. I've never caught any smallies over 16" in the LR. There are alot of bass, but its not nearly the quality bass fishery as the pigeon, french broad or holston. I know one guy, John M that got a 19" smallie this past spring on this float, probably on a streamer when the bass were prespawn.
The float from Perry's mill to river johns is long, I believe it is 7 miles or so. Next time I will spend less time in the upper section and not be rushed to make it to the takeout by dark. I had to skip over the last mile of water.
As I said, the scenery is great. Lots of fun rapids, birds and I even saw a deer being chased by something along a ridge. It was a doe and she had her head down running as hard as she could. Maybe a coyote was after her?
Anyone who plans on floating it in a canoe or kayak, I would look for at least 150 cfs. It was 165 yesterday and perfect for me. I only had to portage once all day around a fallen tree about a 1/2 mile above John's place. A raft with frame and anglers might need 200 cfs to keep from getting stuck on some mid stream rocks.

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