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Default Stripers

These fish could become an addiction, that big pull is definitely addictive. I would go for a 10wt rod...... and a top notch drag, alot of times (where I have fished) they will head for the timber and you have to put the brakes on them. The other factor is the big flies and heavy sinking lines (which shoot so nicely!). The few times I have had the pleasure of doing this it has been from a boat so the backing wasn't as important, though they sometimes head up or down river and get into it in a hurry. Man are they powerful fish! You might want to check out as well. Mike Anderson and his friends are pretty eaten up with it over in middle TN. No more so than Seagull and Flat!
I'll post a few pics as well, but will have to load them to photo bucket.
Anyway might have to try it out there where you are some evening. I wonder it a spey rod might be good for the bank fisherman?
Good luck with it,
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