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Talk directly to Janice Filmore who owns Miss Lillys. Her husband is Steve. We referred them to a friend for a wedding and they did a great job. They feed all our students at our fly fishing school. And, next year they are going to cater Troutfest which will be around 400 people. They cater the Heritage Center's fundraiser banquet, around 300 people. They also own the wedding chapel in town and the Lilly Barn. She is a doctor as well. I always recommend them because of our past history of good service and excellent food. But, talk to Janice directly and tell her I requested you to do so.

If you need tents, tables and chairs or anything else just send me an e-mail. We have staff at the Visitors Bureau to help also. If there is anything you need we can help you. We do events like this all the time in Townsend. I'm head of the Tourism and Travel Council for our Chamber. I know who to talk to. I'm happy to help in any way.

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