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Tye, sounds like you and Doug had a fine trip. I have been on Hazel numerous times and have always enjoyed it. We were there when the flood hit in 2005 and luckily made it out just before the second bridge got washed out. We had a boat tied up at the mouth of the creek and it got flooded - we lost the motor ( someone stole it off the transom that was sticking up out of the water ) we did go back about 2 weeks later when the water went down and got the boat. We had to leave our camp at Sugar Fork quickly when the Park Service came to check the bridges they took us down to the lake and tried to help us get the boat out but to no avail. We left all of our gear at Sugar Fork for 5 days and when we were able to get back to the camp it looked as though we had just been gone for a few minutes -- absolutely nothing was disturbed - no bears, racoons and I don't believe even a mouse had been in our food or belongings. All of our camping gear, fishing equiptment and cameras were left behind when we pulled out so quickly
Bone valley creek is good fishing but the next time you go be sure and go above Bone Valley on the main creek a mile or so - fishing is unbelievable. Don't waste your time on Sugar fork, it fizzels out pretty quickly.
We have since replaced the motor and gotten a new boat and have made several trips back to Hazel......... remind me sometime and I'll tell you another "fishin' story" , this one is true..........fearnofishbob....tight lines
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