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Hey Gary,
The purple is tied by a local guy for Smallies but the LM love em too. It seems to be a really good color, it's a craw also, tungsten barbell head, purple maribou and feathers, and about 8 strands of purple "crazy leg" type mat'l tied together in knots at the tips for "claws".
The other one is a claw dad, and then another pic where you see the fly on the little smallie is a little green and brown wooly bugger with 8 legs tied in that one of the cff guys tied. They really love that too but, of course, I'm catching little ones on it cause it's about a 10. It's giving me an idea though to try to copy it on about a 4 or 6.
Did you notice Tina's Rock Bass? I thought that was pretty neat, we also have a Roanoke Bass that is very similar but I haven't caught a single one of those this year for whatever reason. They usually hit readily about anything you throw.
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