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Default Staunton River

Hey Bran, you need to post a few more reports from the Staunton or then again maybe not. I live in the Brookneal area for about 10 years and floated the Staunton quite often, especially the Long Island to Brookneal section. I did not fly fish at the time, but caught a lot of fish on Spinning Tackle. The river has a reputation for the striper run, but I believe it is a very under rated smallmouth stream, so be sure and only post pics of small fish. We caught mostly smallmouth but you never knew what each cast might hook-up with. I spent one winter working really hard to catch walleye without getting one. I fished the nasty, cold days when they were suppose to bite. Well, we had a really warm early March and on a 75 degree day with nothing but blue skies I was on the river hoping to catch some small mouth. I through a crank-bait against some timber on the bank and landed a 25 1/2" walleye. It's not often that your first fish is a trophy fish, but that one was. I ended up catching two more walleye that day.
I could tell a lot of fish stories from that river. I still go back to visit friends, I hope to one day fish it with the fly rod.
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