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Okay,I've been reading Our Southern Highlanders for the first time and taking Jim's viewpoint in mind,and what Kephart says himself,it seems to me so far that the guy just freeloaded off the mountain folks alot.Maybe he earned a living,I haven't seen that yet,so I maybe wrong on the freeloader part.
In turn he played boths sides towards the middle for his own advantage,and was not an unbiased onlooker.
He drank the "blockade" whiskey,then went on a "manhunt" with a revenuer,whom he befriended because he looked on him as an intellectual mysterious,counterpart,and looked on the mountainfolk as a backwards people while befriending them.
I think it's a wonder he wasn't "kilt"....maybe he wasn't a serious enough threat because he knew what the outcome would be if he informed.The trait of a wishy washy person to me,one who knows how to keep his hide off the barndoor...just my 2 cents.
It's an entertaining book and insightful in some ways...he was an educated outdoorsman,I'll give him that much.
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