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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
Jim, this is off topic & probably better handled through email, but you seem to be well read in the history of these mountains.....I am looking for a book on cades cove that covers the history of the area & people around the time of the civil war...specifically the days and events surrounding the death of Russell Gregory.

I have found a book by Durwood Dunn entitled Cades Cove, but I really can't afford the prices charged by the UT press. Even used book stores give little discount for second hand books on history.

Any help as to specific titles?
Grannyknot--Yep, I guess I'm pretty well immersed in the mountain past (I have a Ph. d. in history from Vanderbilt and I'm a "recovering" university professor, although my field wasn't U. S. history). Dunn's book is probably the best treatment of Cades Cove, although there's lots on the area in Margaret Brown's The Wild East: a Biography of the GSMNP. Randolph Shields wrote two books on Cades Cove, The Cades Cove Story and The Families of Cades Cove. A study on Civil War Tennessee is Stanley F. Horn (ed), Tennessee's War, 1861-1869. If you live in east Tennessee your local library should have most of these books. Jim Casada
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