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Default Update with photos from 09272009

Went back out on Sunday with my Fishing partner Larry, and another member of our SIFF club and friend Brian. The fish were all over but they just were not eathing the fly. I watched Larry for 30 minutes as he cast to probably 5 different fish, from the same spot in every direction around him. Brian was working a fish so hard, and could not get it to hit, so he decided to put it right in front of the Red's nose.....He ended up hitting it right on the head. That was a nice fish, and the explosion as it left at light speed after getting clocked one was fun to watch.

Here is Larry working a fish:

(Picture courtesy of Brian)

I finally managed to get a decent cast into the wind to a nice fish and:

It was a nice 22.5" Red caught on one of my spoon flies.

(Picture Courtesy of Brian)

I actually ended up keeping this fish. It is the first fish I have kept this year (my wife was threatening to not let me go fishing any more if I did not at least bring her home a meal!).

If there was any doubt about what these fish are doing in the flats, the next picture should answer the question:

All out of one fish, all fiddlers. I did manage to find one blue crab claw farther down its intestinal tract.

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