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Sam--I'm curious and thought you might know given your "insider" connections. Is the Park doing anything different in their approach to bear problems? I can't recall as many campsite closures, encounters, and general problems with bears in years. My brother took a hike a couple of weeks back and said he saw four campsites (I think all were along the AT) with closed signs and at a fifth one campers had experienced problems and left a note to that effect.

Way back, when bear jams and too much feeding became a problem (I'm talking the 1960s) they actually "spanked" bears for a time. This involved tranquilizing them with a dart, as I understand it, then giving them a good thrashing before the stuff wore off. The idea was to traumatize them in terms of connection with humans.

As frequent as these encounters are becoming, and given what seems increasingly brazen bear behavior, sooner or later the Park Service will either have to take more action or face a huge problem.

Jim Casada
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