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People act that way because most have not been in the real woods much, if at all.....taking KFC into bear country in a pack and leaving it unattended is a sure sign that the person isn't in touch with reality when it comes to the wilderness,well,as the wilderness goes in the 21st century.
Whenever I go to a store like REI,which is a high priced,trendy gathering place for many who look the look,talk the talk,but don't walk the walk....(not all but many),well,I just figure they will spend their money and most will get their fill of the great outdoors in short order.I do buy stuff there sometimes,but not much gear.
There's all levels of outdoorsmen,I'm not at the top,but I'm a survivalist,so I tend to think of bad situations and how to get through....that includes encounters with animals.
Byron's report on high water and how people get lost or stranded on the opposite side of the stream and spending the night or more should be read and reread.
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