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Alright Brother, here is the skinny on the body material for these guys, I just tonight went to Michael's the craft store, after speaking to some very intersting craft fellows? and searching all over the crazy store I found what i was looking for. This stuff costs like a dollar fifty for like 10 yards of the stuff. so i bought 2 golds a purple and a red pink color one. It is listed as Craft Cord and from the label seems to be made by "NeedLoft" It is packed looking like how you would wrap an ecstention cord with a paper wrapper sliped over it in the middle. I haven't used it yet but i cut off a bit and the white core comes right out no problem, and it flanges out sweet just cross a good strip accross a shank figure 8 it cut to form and pick it out this stuff is nice, let me know if you can't get it or you don't have a Michaels and i will gladly send you a nice variety, I know where it is now and you know what, i won't even charge ya the 5 bucks for more of it then you could ever use! Let me know!

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