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Default evening out with the "fairy wand"

Yep, I'm one of those flyfishermen that likes to fish ultralights occasionaly. This evening I fished for a couple of hours before dark with a little 6.5ft 2weight. These rods are a blast to fish for everything from brook trout to smallmouth. Instead of driving up to the park after work, I wanted to get in another warm water bream trip before the water cools down too much and the topwater bite to shuts down. Had a great evening on a local stream with lots of redbreast and smallies. Before you write off these rods as some sort of toy or "fairy wand" as others like to call them, give em a try. You might just enjoy yourself!
Fishing a Scott Fibertouch 6.5ft 2weight with a Ross Canyon 1 reel

even little guys feel big on the UL rods.

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