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Originally Posted by bkfranklin22 View Post
Hello I am new to fly fishing (i have actually never gone before) I was wondering what is some good cheap gear. I found and they seem to have some pretty cheap prices on their gear. Any suggestions?
That site seems to be fairly pricey for a begginer. I would suggest a TFO rod (comes with a 20 or 25 year warranty), and a decent reel that would balance it out well. After that, you need waders, boots and at least one fly box, an extra leader, extra tippet and you can get the vest later. LRO (the owners of this forum) has some really good stuff for begginers. I bought some Chota waders and boots and they've held up like champs for two years now. They even have FREE shipping. If you go through a website only, and/or chain store, and something goes wrong with your gear, good luck getting help with it, but if you go through LRO, they are a small business and will work with you to get things taken care of if something breaks and you need it replaced under warranty etc. Just my 2 cents.
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