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I have to agree with my Blue Raider friend. What you really need to think about is how much do you really love to fish. I really don't care what type of fishing you enjoy right now, more how much of a thrill or kick do you get out of connecting with a fish on the end of a line? second of all are you somewhat patient when it comes to fishing? I am the type of guy that is going a hundred miles an hour, and take meds to slow this down, but with that said my whole life I could sit and watch a bobber for hours on end knowing the bite was just a few minutes away. So I am a mess clearly but most of the boys and women you talk to on this site are probably as consumed as i am. The reason i ask you these questions is to try and better answer your question. If you are a casual fisherman, which is certainly OK, then that will affect my answer. If you are a nut job like us well welcome home and I will give you some different answers and opinions. No one likes to throw money away and I wouldn't want to advise you without really knowing what we are dealing with. LRO will be the ultimate answer for equipment, it is the nicest flyshop I have ever been too and I have been all over the world. So I if you an give us a little more info we can all give ya a bunch more help.

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