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Originally Posted by bkfranklin22 View Post
Well guys I really appreciate all the feedback I have been given! This really helps out alot! I live in Johnson City right now and so I think I am good to go with the fishing locations. haha. I know you don't get the personal greeting when you buy off line but I am noticing some better prices towards the *** side of things.
Looking at their site they do have a few rods that are less than LRO and some that are more expensive. If you are really tied to using them I would suggest the St. Croix Imperial (their lowest priced offering). It comes with a lifetime warranty and is a great rod. They use lots of the same components on the Imperial as on their more expensive rods. You haven't said what type of fishing you will be doing, but I would recommend a 4pc rod. That way you can easily carry it in the mtns. If you only fish tailwaters a 2pc is fine, but a 4 pc gives you more flexibility.

It looks like its a local shop there in Johnson City, so your best bet is to go in and talk to them first. The only things they have online are rods and reels. Hopefully they carry more than that in their store, if they don't I would be very cautious. You will need more than just a rod and reel...

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