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Flyred, I've got the same rod except my reelseat is a lighter gold color. It's not really a collectors item other than the fact that they don't make the all metal reelseat on them anymore. Its a very cheap plastic one now. I bought mine new a couple of years ago sitting in a corner of the campstore at Indian boundary campground. I gave $15 for it. I strung it up and have caught a few bream and small largemouth on it. It likes either a DT5wt or WF 6 line. The rod cast pretty good for a $15 butt over tip rod that needs one more guide installed right above the ferrule. The line seems to slap the rod at that point.

The reel you have looks like one of the newer versions. The olders one have a "Made in USA" writting on the white center cap on the spool. The older ones were mostly made in Akron, OH and it was inscribed on the back on the reel.

You have a great inexpensive fiberglass rod/reel combo that will catch fish as well as any.
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