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I am sorry, I didn't at first realize that this was a new boat forum, Awesome so i guess it can also be a sounding board about how nothing absolutely nothing will break your heart like a boat. I left this past Thursday headed to the coast draggin my girl (flats boat) behind, she had just gotten outta the shop for oh about the zillionth time, this time she had new seals a new helm (my wonderful father kinda is to blame for that, sorry Dad?) and she just got hooked up with a new GPS coastal unit Garmin, SO excited to get down there. Weather perfect, my guide friends are slaying em, everything is great. I drop her in Fri am and "We have a problem!" Something is seriously not right and the engine is not going into gear, alarms going off, we limp back in on the troling motor, weekedn over. Whiskey Please DOUBLE. So yea i was at the beach how bad can it be...awful. The shop of course will fix it, and I called the mechanic who is great and he was so sorry but.....yea, no good. Once i finish Graduate School I am totally taking a outboard motor course. Sorry just had to let it out! Good thing I tied a bunch of Shrimp patterns
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