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Hi Smctrout,

I agree that Jim was right on in his article. I started fishing in the Smokies a long time ago and thought at the time I needed a short 6' to 7 1/2' rod. I was wrong. They are in my closet now and I never use them. I don't think there is a list that would fit his preferences but an 8 1/2 foot to 10 foot rod would be fine to fish here. I would choose a 5 or 6 weight if you want to go long, up to 10 feet. That way you could use it for other species and on large streams with big flies. You would need to make the decision based on your preferences as to fast or slow. I would choose a slow rod for roll casting and tippet protection in the Park. I use a 8' 3" 4 weight or 8.5' 5 weight when I fish in the Park.

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