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Hi Shawn,

I'm planning to do just that. This vessel will be used in fresh and saltwater. I have a lot of ideas but I won't go into all of them in detail now. Our new boat is aluminum and the floor gets slippery when wet. Paula slipped and fell recently. I plan to have a non-slip application sprayed onto the floor and on two of the bench seats plus the added casting platforms. Maybe there is a better way. I want to move the batteries to the bow under a front casting platform with a hatch. The batteries are Optima AIG so they can be mounted at an angle or even on their side. We need more weight up front.

I want a casting platform in the stern. A friend of mine in the sheet metal business has offered to make a custom dash board for the electronic devices and electric switches. This boat has tiller steering, electric start and power trim all built in and controlled from the outboard. The boat will have movable folding seats that can be placed anywhere on a pivoting base with non-slip feet. We have a new transom mounted Minn Kota 55 pound thrust saltwater trolling motor. We want to add a Minn Kota ST 55 with Autopilot on the bow. Right now there is not enough support for that motor so something will have to be made.

It seems you are into customizing boats either as a business or hobby. I'm glad to have you here to help me and others. Thanks for being here buddy.

The boat is a 2009 Lowe Angler 1667 with a Merc 20 HP 4 stroke and a 20" shaft. The motor was bolted on about 2" higher than normal. The hull weighs 275 pounds, has a capacity of 1,000 pounds and has a 67" beam. I want to keep it light. We can run around wide open and fish all day on about 2 gallons of fuel. We have a woodworking shop that we use to build store displays. We can do anything with wood. I found some 3 gallon tanks. Two can be placed under the stern casting platform with plenty of room for other stuff plus my legs.

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