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I'm very glad you were not hurt worse than you were. Like has been said, it sure could have been a lot worse.

I'm glad folks stopped to help. I know I would have helped you had I been there on the trail as I'm sure most of the folks on this board would. I may be naive but I honestly believe there are far more good people than bad and far more people who will help someone in distress than there are ones who would just walk on by. There are uncaring jerks out there, but I believe they are the minority.

I don't see how any human being could see a man struggling with a heavy pack obviously injured and not stop to help.

Sometimes 10 minutes of kindness can make the difference between a bad situation and a VERY bad situation.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and for reminding us that if we see someone in trouble, stopping to help can make a huge difference.

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