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Jeff-- I didn't mean to sound jaded with regards to people being helpful. I agree with you that the "uncaring jerks" are the minority. But you know what I mean, if I was broken down on the side of I-75, a few thousand people would drive by before anyone would stop and help. I find most people I meet in outdoor endeavors are kind, genuine souls. I'm sure most of the posters on this board would have offered to help in any way they could. I did get offers of help from many of the people I encountered on my way out; but most of them probably couldn't carry me or my pack. Not that I'm a very big guy or that my pack was very heavy-- just that most of the people I encountered were the elderly, retired, touristy sort. Rest assured, while I certainly don't wish any injuries on anyone, I will gladly "Pay It Forward" and would have helped any of you even before this experience. There are still plenty of good people out there...

Hans-- thanks for telling me what I wanted to hear, LOL. I know the temp is important; but I was just wondering if I could realistically use that as my excuse. I can count the number of days the air temp has been above 55 (when I've been there) on one hand. I'll have to plan more summer trips...

FWIW-- there were a good many caddisflies attracted to my LED lantern at CS24. Most of them were tan, brown or mottled and pretty good sized-- like 14's to 10's.
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